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Albuquerque art Doll Conference

Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls and Mixed media


   Lori Platt of The Pixie Knoll is an imaginative, self-taught figure artist who resides in the small town of Yalaha, Florida, with her family.  She graduated with an A.S. degree in Graphic Design in 2000, but felt her talents leaned more towards the world of fine art. For approximately the last 10 years, she has been creating her wonderful figures and has been fortunate enough to have won many awards including the Dolls Awards of Excellence and Colliii Awards.

   Her work has been published in Pretty Toys Magazine, Dolls Magazine, Doll Crafter and Costuming Magazine and The Orlando Arts Magazine.  You can usually find her work on her website and Etsy

   For those who like to see her works in person, she also travels to shows like the Quinlan Doll and Teddy Show, the International Doll and Teddy Show, Spirits in Sanford, and the Art Stroll in Lake Mary, Florida.

   Lori also participates in local art and craft festivals in and around Central Florida.  Her sculpts normally dwell in the enchanted world of pixies and fairies, but she also creates many Santa and Halloween figures. Her unique style, whimsy, and attention to detail are not only magical and fun, but she also brings imagination to life!

   You'll know you have been pixie-led into the sublime world of The Pixie Knoll once you have met her figures in person because you can be sure to find one that will tug at your heart strings.​