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Thursday, July 20
Friday, July 21  
Saturday, July 22

Instructor Schedule

​Daytime Classes for the full conference

Mary Jane Butler
Range Walker Doll - 2 day class
Stick and Stuff Doll - 1 day class
Sherry Goshon
Enchanted Healing Goddess Doll - 3 day class
Paula McGee
Dragonfly Gypsy Fairy Doll - 2 day class
Hands and Face - 1 day class
Stephanie Novatski
Doll with Costume Design and Movement​ - CLASS ​CANCELLEDMatchbox Pendant -CLASS ​CANCELLED
Lori Platt
Sculpting a Pixie Fairy in polymer clay - 3 day class    ​CLASS ​CANCELLED
Christine Shively
Rod Puppet - 1day class
Framed Box - 1 day class
Yoruba Felt Bird Hat - 1 day class


​​Instructor Schedule
​Walk-In Classes for the public and conference attendees

Thursday, July 20          
Friday, July 21                
Saturday, July 22                
Lazaro Iglesias
6:00PM - 9:00PM
Mixed Media - 1 evening class
Mixed Media - 1 evening class

Lazaro Iglesias
9:00AM - 12:00PM

Mixed Media - 1 morning class
Brenda Blackwelder
6:00PM - 9:00PM
Gourd Giraffe - 1 evening class
​Gourd Cat - 1 evening class

Arrivals on Wednesday, July 19th, includes Registration and a Welcome-Get-Together with an Evening Fiesta.

​Classes begin on

Thursday, July 20th and end

Saturday, July 22nd with an Evening Banquet.

Departures on Sunday, July 23rd.


Albuquerque art Doll Conference

Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls and Mixed media