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Albuquerque art Doll Conference

Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls and Mixed media

1-day class - Christine Shively
Build a Framed Environment for Your Doll

All skill levels welcome
Kit Fee is $12
Homework includes tiny bit of pre-sewn work
No sewing machine needed

The student will create a frame to showcase their own doll creations. The class does not include a doll; it is just the frame.  

You will make a simple box shape using cardboard. Choices for a cornice will be given at class time. The student can use either decorative papers or fabrics to cover the box/framed environment. You can bring your own doll and size the frame to fit. Smaller dolls would be the better choice for this project, and no taller than 8 inches is preferred. Once the concept is mastered the shape can be enlarged as needed.​ The finished box frame measures about 10 by 5 inches but you can determine your own dimensions.​

1-day class – Christine Shively
Wool Felt Yoruba Bird Hat

The class is all hand work
Intermediate to advanced skill levels are welcome
Kit fee is $10
The Yoruba Bird Hat is inspired from the Yoruba beaded tribal hats. Instead of using beads we will use wool felt and other embellishments like beads and trinkets. This hat can be made to fit an existing doll that the student can bring to class.
The hats inner structure is created from file folder, glue and Momi paper. The student will construct a layered tall hat with wool felt and beads. Several choices of animals along with the bird will be provided. Sewing a beak, using a gusset, and adding wings will be demonstrated. The finished hat measures about 4 inches tall and about 3 ½ inches wide but you can adjust the size.
Discussion of extending the whimsical possibilities of this tall hat will be included.

Christine is offering 3 one-day classes. Keep scrolling down to view all the classes she offers at the conference.

1-day class - Christine Shively

​Whimsical Shadow Rod Puppet

The Bird Puppet will be taught in class but students can also adapt it to a traditional doll. The finished doll will measure about 16 inches tall.

Kit fee is $15
Intermediate to advanced skill levels are welcome. 

The Whimsical Shadow Rod Puppet is inspired by Indonesian rod puppets. This whimsical doll has many possibilities in costuming and characterization. This version will have a wool, felt, bird head. This is an updated recreation of a classic Shadow Rod Puppet. The body is made of fabric, with fabric tubes for the upper and lower arms. Bead cones fit over the tubes to cover the ends and create movement of the arms. Shishkabob skewers are used to hold up the torso and placed at the hands for movement of the arms. A skirt is created from a tube of fabric with a lining. Wool felt feathers will be used for the hands. You will create the bird head using a file folder and wool. Color and composition will be shown, including movement and historical context. Students are encouraged to create individual costumes. Discussion on adapting the basic Shadow Puppet with a cloth “pancake head” will be included. A wooden base is how the doll will be displayed.