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Albuquerque art Doll Conference

Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls and Mixed media

3-hour class – Lazaro Iglesias

This is a Walk-In Class, class fees are $65 per class at the door, payable to the instructor.

A Spiritual Enchantment
Mixed Media, Assemblage and Found objects

All skill levels are welcome.
We will first start with a quick meditation.
This workshop is about a spiritual enchantment through mixed media, assemblage, and your own handmade art dolls that will represent " YOU".
You will need an 8x10 shadow box that will hang as a shrine. We will use paper, glue, gesso, assemblage, found objects, jewelry, fabrics, scissors, quotes that make you feel good, and more. Create your own enchanting world with a spiritual twist in the piece. Explore through art, opening your Soul and mind, and stepping out of the comfort zone. It's also about having and learning more of who you are. Keep in mind that everything needs to fit an 8x10 shadow box but the CREATIVITY is endless!

Students need to bring:
E-6000 glue, and a standard glue gun with sticks
A shadow box already prepared (colored, collaged, etc.)
Your own doll
Found objects that you would love to use
Old vintage photos (I would suggest getting quality photo copies of those images and play around with them)
Something to hang your piece (It can be wire, strips of fabrics, and personal things of your liking that you can play with in your piece)

Instructor will provide:
Images of my photography to add into the pieces
Papers (assortment)
Found objects of my stash
Printed quotes and uplifting words to incorporate in your piece.