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Albuquerque art Doll Conference

Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls and Mixed media

2-day class - Paula McGee     
Dragonfly Gypsy Fairy

There may be a kit fee and homework before class.
The student has a choice to create a dragonfly, a butterfly, or a moth.

This doll can be a unique piece of wearable art! 

In this class, the student will learn how to create tiny, detailed faces on cloth. The head can be positioned on the body for best effect. You will be taught how to shape a cool little hair style with a wire that can support little buns on each side of the head, and embellish them with beads. You will attach ruffled and beaded wings and a tail.

The student will learn stuffing techniques, stringing and beading, and how to work with partial wire armatures.

1 day class – Paula McGee

Drawing faces on cloth and needle sculpting cloth doll hands.

Beginners welcome.  There will be pre-work at home prior to class. Instructions will be given prior to class.

Drawing faces:
Learn to draw flat faces on cloth, achieving depth and detail in facial features, including eyes, nose, and mouth. The student will learn shading, highlighting, depth, and dimension.
Sculpting hands:
The student will learn detailed needle sculpting to create life-like hands. This class covers detailed sewing instructions, correct clipping of the seam allowance, gluing, and how to turn fingers. You will learn to wire and stuff the fingers and hands so they are functional. Included are needle sculpting techniques so the hands look like hands and not puffy pillows.

Coloration, shading, and drawing nails are the finishing touches.