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Albuquerque art Doll Conference

Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls and Mixed media

2-day class – Stephanie Novatski
Costume Design using altered fabrics and adding movement to your doll.

Create a 20” doll with a complete armature and articulated fingers. Students create two heads using two methods, 1) needle sculpting a cloth head, and 2) doing a cloth over clay over cloth head.  The doll will be costumed in fabric that the student will alter. Students will explore the use of various sources of fabrics and how to manipulate them with color, folding, stitching and cutting. Learn how to paint lace and fabrics with water colors and acrylics. You will also learn to pose your doll to show movement and attitude.

Intermediate skill levels welcome, using a sewing machine with pre-work at home. Students will receive the pattern and materials list prior to class.

1-day class – Stephanie Novatski
Altered Matchbox Pendant.

​There will be a kit fee.

The student will transform a matchbox with collaged content into a pendant. We will be using paper with embossed metal tape and old jewelry. Students will need to supply the chain, piece of jewelry for the front, and a dangle for the bottom.  I will provide everything else in the kit.